How to Increase Your Influence and Develop Your Brand

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93% of lawyers need personal growth training to be effective managers and leaders. 78% of everything we buy is not based on content, but on how we feel about the content- including legal services.  99% of lawyers have never had training on how to sell themselves.

What if you could grow your practice, revenues, and leadership skills by doing less work, experiencing less stress, and having more fun?

People buy our unique brand before they ever buy our service as a lawyer or leader. You alone have the power to grow your practice and status as a leader with the right intentional plan and tools. You don’t have to necessarily do anything differently; you just have to think differently and have self-awareness.


  • Katy Goshtasbi, JD/Founder, Puris Consulting. Chair, ABA Law Practice Division.

This program is sponsored by the ABA Young Lawyers Division and the ABA Law Practice Division.

Katy Goshtasbi

Katy Goshtasbi