Be Culturally Competent! Training on Competency Re LGBTQ Clients & Colleagues

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About the Webinar

LGBTQ cultural competency includes developing skills to address LGBTQ-specific client issues and utilizing strategies to appropriately tackle LGBTQ discrimination, oppression, bias indifference in the workplace. Participants will learn to identify and dispel harmful assumptions and handle misuse of “LGBTQ 101” terminology.

Join our experts to learn how to better work with your LGBTQ clients and to improve your legal workplace for LGBTQ colleagues, staff, and external vendors and clients. The program will help you:

  1. Identify and appropriately use "LGBTQ 101" terminology
  2. Learn strategies for appropriately addressing LGBTQ discrimination, oppression, bias indifference in the workplace, such as identifying and dispelling harmful assumptions
  3. Discuss LGBTQ-specific issues re client advocacy along with laws and cases related to LGBTQ rights.


  • Shasta N. Inman


  • Beckham Angelo Rivera
  • Sheila M Wilkinson