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The editors of TYL and After the Bar welcome the opportunity to review unsolicited manuscripts, letters to the editor, and reader feedback. Please note that we tend to publish manuscripts that cover the topics that are important to new lawyers. Publication is not guaranteed, and the editorial board reserves the right to request revisions or rewrites or to revise/rewrite the articles and headlines themselves. Articles accepted for publication online may not appear in print, as we have very limited space. We will do our best to respond with an initial decision within a few weeks.



TYL is a digital publication with a quarterly print magazine component designed to deliver specific, practical, evergreen content and information in an entertaining and easy-to-read format that maintains a professional presentation. TYL is not a law review or a scholarly journal.

TYL Audience: All TYL content must appeal to and inform the broader base of young lawyer members across the country under the age of 36 or admitted to practice for 10 years or less.

After the Bar

After the Bar is a digital publication designed to help new lawyers navigate the transition from law student to lawyer and to guide them through the early stages of their legal careers. After the Bar focuses on professional development, ethics, how to network, manage finances, choose a specialty, and survive and thrive in today’s law office or legal environment.

After the Bar AudienceAfter the Bar content is specifically for new graduates and 0–2 associates. 

Student Lawyer

Student Lawyer is the ABA Law Student Division’s blog for how-to-content for law students. Young lawyers are encouraged to contribute articles particularly in terms of “what I wish I’d known” or information on how to get into specific areas of law.

Content Submissions

If you want to write content for the ABA Law Student Division or Young Lawyers Division, consider the following:

  • Review our Author Guidelines for information about writing, editing, copyrights, etc.
  • Do you have an intended audience for this article? Consider how your article will be valuable to the broad base of that audience.
  • Do we already have content on the specific topic for which you want to write? Review our Content Library for all content published in TYLAfter the Bar, and Student Lawyer.
  • If you don’t see your topic in our library, please submit an article proposal