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Young Lawyer Rising Podcast

Why Lawyer Mental Health and Wellness Matters

Joseph E Ankus, Montana Funk, and Julie E. Merow

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About This Episode

The legal industry's demanding hours and stressful work environments can often have detrimental effects on lawyers and legal professionals. Mental health issues among lawyers are notoriously prevalent, as are suicide, substance abuse, and addiction.

So, what exactly attributes to the severe stress, high burnout rates, and mental health concerns among lawyers? And why does mental health matter for the legal profession? To talk about all of this, attorney and mental health expert Joe Ankus joins the show to discuss the importance of addressing mental health concerns in the legal industry, as well as share constructive tips on how to improve lawyer well-being to become a better (more happy) practitioner.

Joe Ankus is the President of Attorney Mental Health Education, Inc. and President of Ankus Consulting, Inc.—one of South Florida’s longest-established and respected legal recruiting firms.


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