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Young Lawyer Rising Podcast

When Life Gets In The Way, Press On. Fail The Bar? Regroup

Alexandra Diana Graves, Montana Funk, and Julie E. Merow

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About This Episode

Guest Alexandra Graves tells her story, and it’s unreal. Bad things happen to good people. She was experiencing headaches and vision issues as a 2L and discovered she had a brain tumor. She needed neurosurgery and had to withdraw from classes. Then she started over.

If you hit obstacles, and you will, you can overcome them. Life can throw you for a loop. You can fight back. You are not alone.

Graves’ story is an inspiring tale of pursuing dreams, no matter what. She took a step back and went back to law school. But while studying for the bar, her brain tumor came back, and she failed the exam. Anyone can fail because of medical issues or other distractions. Failing the bar, for whatever reason, hurts. But it’s not the end of the world, and you can regroup and pass if you don’t give up.

Through it all, Graves learned what’s important to her. She set her priorities (she loves spending life with her animals, especially her new baby donkey, and being close to her family). Do what you love and love what you do. Don’t sweat the small stuff (or even some of the big stuff). You got this.

Plus, an update on some big legal rulings: Andy Warhol, Prince, Fair Use, NIL rules (College athletes), and more.


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