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Young Lawyer Rising Podcast

Top Tips for Young Lawyers: How to Survive and Thrive in Your Legal Career

David Joseph Scriven-Young, Montana Funk, and Julie E. Merow

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About This Episode

Are you a fresh grad about to start working as a lawyer or a relatively junior lawyer still figuring things out? The road to becoming a lawyer certainly isn’t an easy one, and the shift from studying law to actually practicing law can seem a bit intimidating.

In this episode of Young Lawyer Rising, guest and litigation attorney Dave Scriven-Young shares top tips for starting your legal career off on the right foot, as well as some common mistakes young lawyers make early on. Get professional insights and practical advice on:

  • How to Pick the Right Law Firm and Law Practice Area for You
  • How to Get Involved in Your Practice Areas of Interest
  • The Benefits of Having a Good Mentor and How to Develop a Legal Mentorship Team
  • Goals Young Lawyers Should Set and Try to Accomplish Early on in Their Legal Career
  • How to Build Confidence as a New Lawyer
  • What Young Lawyers Need to Know About Career Planning
  • Tips to Make You Stand Out as a Junior Lawyer
  • Steps to Take to Ensure Your Success as a New Lawyer

We also welcome our new host of Young Lawyer Rising, Montana Funk! Montana is a criminal defense attorney in Billings, Montana.


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