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Young Lawyer Rising Podcast

Pushing Yourself Too Hard? Your Health and Wellness Matters

Richard Dean Rivera, Montana Funk, and Julie E. Merow

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About This Episode

Mental health, wellness, and managing burnout made headlines during and after the pandemic. But what did we learn? Guest Richard Rivera, a highly successful partner at a Florida law firm, knows we should. Many of us work too much and too hard and push beyond reasonable limits.

Rivera knows firsthand. He was a fourth-year associate in a litigation-focused firm, and he said yes to everything. Any new case, any new project, he was game. It was a matter of professional pride and rapid development. Then he noticed the stress was taking a physical toll on his body resulting in itchy and yellowing skin, fatigue, and sleepless nights. He figured eventually, things would slow down, and these conditions would pass. Of course, neither happened. A doctor eventually found the constant stress had taken an enormous toll on his body

Set boundaries: a time you won’t go to the office before or stay after; take at least one day off—really off—during the week. You only have so much capacity, and when you exceed that, you damage yourself, and you can harm your clients and your firm with errors due to exhaustion. If you’re not good to yourself, you’ll be no good to anyone. Take a moment to listen to this critically important episode.  


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