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Young Lawyer Rising Podcast

Making a Difference Through the Office of the Inspector General

Lucy Lang and Montana Funk

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About This Episode

As a new lawyer, have you ever considered a career in government oversight? It’s a broad, important field that ensures a wide range of agencies work as designed while protecting public funds and interests. 

Guest Lucy Lang is a former prosecutor now serving as the New York Inspector General, charged with overseeing investigations into corruption, fraud, and abuse in the New York State government (more than 100 agencies) and has been a steady advocate of criminal justice reform. In this inspiring episode of Young Lawyer Rising, Lang shares her path and her passion. 

The complex nature of Lang’s work depends heavily on her ability to lead, a skill she had to learn on her own and is now pressing the legal education field to include in law school curriculum. Seeking out mentors, learning on the job, and taking on new challenges were all part of her career growth. “If not you, then who,” she asks. “Be brave; take the bull by the horns.” 

Get an inside look at the workings of government oversight, the value of public service, untangling difficult ethical decisions, and making a positive difference through leadership. It could be just what you need to help you take your next bold step.


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