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Young Lawyer Rising Podcast

Latina Lawyer Charts Her Own Path: A Conversation about Cannabis Law and Self Advocacy

Jessica Gonzalez, Montana Funk, and Christina Gregg

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About This Episode

Is practicing law all dusting off established precedents and applying old case law? No way. Guest Jessica Gonzalez shares how she broke free, followed her passions, and found herself a pioneer in the wildly evolving arena of cannabis law.

Gonzalez started in the usual practice of law for a firm after graduating. Contracts, paperwork, and a less-than-satisfying experience. Then, she started looking at the emerging field of cannabis law. Trademark protections, navigating vague state regulations, labeling, packaging, and CBD guidelines all need a lawyer’s touch. And few lawyers were serving the industry, one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide.

Hear how Gonzalez followed her dreams, cultivated her personal brand, and forged ahead into an exciting and unknown world. She shares tips for getting established as a thought leader and building a recognizable brand as she created a consultancy business and educational programs and began teaching cannabis issues at the graduate level.

Looking for a career in an emerging area of the law and “building the airplane as you fly?” Be part of legal history and set the precedents instead of following them. This is a fast-paced, creative part of the legal world that’s just getting started.

Christina Gregg served as the associate producer on this episode of Young Lawyer Rising.


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