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Young Lawyer Rising Podcast

Immigration Law: From Corporate Visas to Pro Bono

Stephanie Baez and Montana Funk

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About This Episode

Host Montana Funk (herself a Canadian living and working in the United States) talks with immigration lawyer Stephanie Baez about the many facets of immigration law—a field that has been in the public eye a lot recently.

Immigration law covers an array of niches, including employment and business immigration, student visas, and removal defense—fighting for desperate clients against deportation. Cases range from emotional courtroom litigation to overcoming mountains of paperwork. The field can be rewarding and plays an enormous role in the country’s history and the lives of families today. It is advocacy in the truest sense of the word.

The field offers opportunities to serve private, public, and nonprofit interests. Young lawyers could find themselves helping large corporations to attract workers from other countries or working for a nonprofit helping immigrants apply for asylum as protection against dangers in their home countries.

Baez describes how she found her way from law school to the fascinating and vital field of immigration law.


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