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Young Lawyer Rising Podcast

Some Advice for the New or Soon-to-Be New Lawyer

Erin Rhinehart, Montana Funk, and Julie E. Merow

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About This Episode

Launching your legal career after law school is exciting, energizing, and—let’s face it—discombobulating. And no matter how long you’ve been practicing, there’s always something new to learn.

In this episode of the Young Lawyers Rising podcast, host Montana Funk is joined by litigation attorney Erin Rhinehart to discuss:

  • Ways to stand out in the workplace as a junior associate
  • How to successfully jump-start your legal career
  • How to balance expectations after coming out of law school and entering the legal profession
  • Tips to achieving your personal and professional goals as a new lawyer

Erin Rhinehart is the co-managing partner of Faruki PLL and has been repeatedly recognized as one of America’s Top 100 Bet the Company Litigators. Her litigation practice focuses on class action defense, media and communications law, breach of contract, non-compete, tortious interference, and healthcare and environmental litigation matters.


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