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So You Want to Be a Law Professor?

Daiquiri Steele, Emily Behzadi, Meghan McGee Boone, Vinay Harpalani, Shakira Pleasant, and Shanda Sibley

Are you interested in a career in the legal academia? If so, join the Women of Color Task Force for this program about paths to teaching law. During the session, legal academics discuss careers in teaching law and explain what it takes to become (and remain) a law professor. Clinical, doctrinal, and legal research and writing teaching pathways will be explored.

 Attendees will learn about:

  • Different types of full-time positions in legal academia
  • Types of qualifications that are generally expected of entry-level law professors
  • The role of legal scholarship in a legal academic's career including the research support available 
  • The typical hiring process for entry-level positions in legal academia


  • Emily Behzadi, Assistant Professor of Law, California Western School of Law
  • Meghan Boone, Associate Professor of Law, Wake Forest Law School       
  • Vinay Harpalani, Henry Weihofen Professor and Associate Professor of Law, The University of New Mexico School of Law              
  • Shakira D. Pleasant, Assistant Professor of Law and Director, Legal Writing Resource Center, University of Illinois Chicago               
  • Shanda Sibley, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Sheller Center for Social Justice, Temple University Beasley School of Law       


  • Daiquiri Steele, Assistant Professor of Law, The University of Alabama School of Law   


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Interested in Becoming a Law Professor?
Despite the risks, academic teaching can be a wonderful job. That may explain why the competition for law professor posts has grown so much.