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How to Build Industry Knowledge to Effectively Serve Your Clients

Darryl Anthony Wilson, Eleanor Vaida Gerhards, and Megan Elise Griffith

It is critical for lawyers to stay informed about the industries in which their clients operate to be able to provide effective legal advice. We do not practice law in a vacuum, yet we are not taught in law school how to keep apprised of clients’ industries and businesses. As a profession full of lifelong learners, we have the opportunity to learn about different types of industries based on the clients that we serve.

In this program, in-house and law firm attorneys share best practices for staying informed and up-to-date on latest developments and trends in the industries of their clients.

Topics discussed:

  • Identifying key sources of industry information and staying current on news and developments.

  • Building a maintaining a network of industry contacts and experts.

  • Utilizing technology and tools to aid industry research and analysis.

  • Communicating industry knowledge to clients and colleagues in a clear and concise manner.

Speakers and Moderators