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YLD Diversity Dialogue Discussion: Gerrymandering and Its Impact on Communities of Color

Lawrence Kaleb Pittman and Christopher Tyson

Recently, state legislatures have engaged in the once-a-decade process of redrawing state and congressional electoral districts. Unsurprisingly, this process is heavily partisan with each political party attempting to craft electoral districts in a matter most advantageous to their respective political party. Historically, the result of these redrawn maps is electoral districts that dilute the political power of communities of color. This dilation of political power has many implications regarding electoral results, fair representation, and development (or lack thereof) of urban communities.

This year's "Diversity Dialogue Discussion" is centered on gerrymandering and its impact on communities of color. Our conversation will be guided by Professor Christopher Tyson.

Professor Tyson is an expert in urban redevelopment and the impact gerrymandering/redistricting has on the political power of urban constituencies working to advance equitable development. Professor Tyson is currently the Newman Trowbridge Distinguished Professor of Law at Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University.


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