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Disaster Relief and Compliance: Avoiding the Disaster Following the Disaster

Andrew VanSingel, Erin Greten, and Thomas Barnard

Two former government attorneys and a current government auditor discuss Federal disaster relief programs and assistance compliance audits. The presentation will discuss the differences between the OIG, GAO, and private auditors; the scope of their authority; what to expect during and after and audit; best practices to avoid negative outcomes from audits; and actions that can be taken today to prepare for audits in the future.

Topics will include interacting with government agencies, record keeping, strategies for response, and avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.


  • Andrew VanSingel, Chair, ABA Committee on Disaster Response and Preparedness, Chicago, IL


  • Erin Greten, Baker Donelson, Washington, DC
  • Thomas Barnard, Baker Donelson, Baltimore, MD