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Juggling a Firm and a Family

Juggling a Firm and a Family
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Deciding to go into private practice is risky enough when you only have to worry about making enough money to pay your bills. However, when you add in paying the bills of a young family of four and wanting time to make memories, eating family dinner, or remembering when your child’s picture day is, things can get a little hectic. When I say “a little hectic,” I mean extremely hectic

The question becomes, “How do you find a healthy balance between your firm and your family?” I’ll cut to the chase—you don’t. Some days you’ll be the most amazing attorney you can be. Other days, you’ll be the most amazing parent or spouse you can be. On both days, you’ve achieved more than most. That alone should bring you some peace of mind. In our quest to put our best foot forward daily, here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy balance between the firm and your family:

Set Up Automation

  • Create templates of emails and agreements that are routinely sent to clients.
  • Need more personalization? Grab a virtual assistant that can handle all the repetitive tasks that take up so much of your time (scheduling, data entry, and client emails).
  • Plan to complete certain tasks at work on specific days so that your schedule is predictable.

Schedule Self-Care and Family Time

  • Be intentional (and committed) about scheduling time to indulge in activities you enjoy.
  • Be as strict about your self-care as you are about your billable hours.

Remember, Your Children Only Have One Childhood

  • Be present.
  • Consider hiring a babysitter for a couple of hours per week to entertain the kids while you work.
  • Get creative and allow your children to feel like they are “helping” you work by doing worksheets and other writing-related tasks.