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Army JAG Careers Provide Financial Incentives for Those Interested in Foregoing the Traditional Path

Aaron Ernest Brown


  • The Army JAG Corps provides financial incentives, including student loan repayment of up to $65,000, higher-education tuition assistance, and professional development opportunities.
  • The Corps offers a comprehensive family-friendly package with healthcare, housing allowance, parental leave, and more.
  • Serving in the Corps allows attorneys to do impactful work while being part of the 1 percent serving the nation.
Army JAG Careers Provide Financial Incentives for Those Interested in Foregoing the Traditional Path

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If you are interested in a change in office scenery and looking for a unique challenge, the Army JAG Corps may be the solution. The Army JAG Corps is America’s oldest law firm, with roots tracing back to 1775. Instead of focusing on the billable hour, the Army JAG Corps provides opportunities to practice law while giving its attorneys opportunities for changes in scenery (Where else can an attorney practice law one minute and rappel down a rope from a hovering UH-60 helicopter the next?) Additionally, the Army JAG Corps provides financial incentives and additional benefits. 

Paying for School and Student Loan Repayment

Benefits relating to higher education, professional development, and student loan repayment are available for Army JAG attorneys.

Army JAG attorneys interested in pursuing additional higher education can apply for tuition assistance (up to $4,000/per year) for graduate-level education programs and various certifications (e.g., Project Management Professional (PMP), Black Belt, CompTIA, Security+, Certified Federal Contract Manager, etc.,). Army JAG attorneys also have an opportunity to attend various professional development and training courses that can help enhance their legal skills and advance their careers (e.g., Advanced Contract Law Course, Federal Litigation Course, and various Trial Advocacy courses). The Post-9/11 GI Bill can also help offset tuition costs, among other things, for JAG attorneys. This article by Alan Pena discusses the other benefits of the Post-9/11 GI bill, eligibility, and cost calculations.

In addition to the opportunity to gain immediate experience, travel the world, and do exciting things (like repelling from helicopters), Army JAG attorneys also have competitive financial incentives that make the experience that much more appealing. First-tour Army JAG attorneys are immediately eligible for student loan repayment of up to $65,000 (while still taxable and subject to yearly authorization).

Additional Army JAG Corps Benefits

Pursuing a legal career in the military also comes with other benefits like retention bonuses, retirement plans with matching contributions, and significant salary increases throughout their career.

  • Retention bonuses are also available up to $60,000 after Army JAGs complete their first four-year commitment (while still taxable and subject to yearly authorization).
  • Army JAG attorneys also can contribute to the Thrift Savings Plan (with government matching contribution).
  • They also receive salary increases significantly as an Army JAG attorney gains more experience and moves up the ranks. 

The Army JAG Corps also offers a comprehensive benefits package for growing families. It includes healthcare, tax-free housing allowance, 30 days paid annual leave plus 11 paid federal holidays, three months of parental leave, quality and affordable childcare programs, access to world-class recreational facilities, and access to Veterans Affairs home loans.

Are You Ready for a Change?

A legal career in the Army JAG Corps can provide many incentives. From student loan repayment assistance to a competitive salary and benefits package, Army JAG attorneys are well-compensated for their service. Additionally, Army JAG attorneys gain unique professional experiences and access to special pay and allowances that can provide additional financial security. Also, the Army JAG Corps offers everyone in service the opportunity to do challenging and consequential work in various dynamic practice areas. Most importantly, Army JAG attorneys are a part of the less than 1 percent that serve our great nation and help Servicemembers, Veterans, and Federal Civilians with their global legal issues.

These are but a few of the many wondrous benefits the Army JAG Corps offers. If you are reading this and envisioning yourself in uniform—feel free to reach out to an Army JAG Corps recruiter; make sure to tell them CPT Aaron Brown sent you!