January 01, 2017

Confronting Cyber Threats and the Mission of the Department of Justice

Matthew J. Sheehan and Andrew A. Proia

The malicious use of technology poses an unprecedented threat against the United States. This threat has increased as, over the last several years, networked devices have become more prevalent in our daily lives. According to a recent report by Cisco Systems, in 2016, there were 7.8 networked devices per capita in the United States; this figure is forecasted to increase to 13.2 per capita by 2021. The range of actors who plan to use cyber intrusions and attacks to harm our government, victimize consumers and businesses, and endanger public safety and national security will only grow. These criminals, nation states, terrorists, and other adversaries endanger a central pillar of our national and economic security, and imperil a critical aspect of our way of life: our use of, and reliance on, digital technology and communications.

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