How to Develop Successful Relationships with Older Office Staff

Nancy Bowen, Teresa Corey, Ann Helms, Lynn Hess, and Michelle Leslie
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fist bump

You have successfully navigated the rigors of law school, bested the bar exam, and secured your dream job. In your first week, you encounter legal professionals who have been working longer than you have been alive and whose wisdom and insights frequently go untapped—legal assistants, administrative assistants, secretaries, and paralegals, all commonly referred to as staff members. Most young lawyers have never been in a position to delegate work to staff members, and it could be difficult to approach someone who is older than you. Rather than being consumed by hesitancy, allow yourself to look past the age gap and realize that a seasoned staff member is your biggest asset and will benefit you in the long run. Here is a guide to help young attorneys develop a successful relationship with older staff members.

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