Branding Yourself and Your Business Through Community Service

Nathan A. Hartman

When we hear “Just Do It” or see the shape of a Coke bottle, we know what kind of product to expect. And although lawyers and legal services do not sit on a shelf competing for eye space as casual shoppers peruse, lawyers’ services require the same care and attention to branding, but with some other considerations. We cannot rely solely on bright colors and sleek packaging to generate customers; our branding is about more than modern aesthetics and catchy slogans. Whether you are a new lawyer starting his or her own firm or a seasoned associate at a large law firm, branding is critical to your success. It is about the reputation that you cultivate in your community and the market you serve. As someone entering his sixth year as a small-firm owner, I can say with certainty that my business’s success in the estate planning field rests solidly on my reputation in my community.

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