Are You Prepared to Conduct Business in Any Venue?

We all sat through law school learning about appropriate “venue”—the principle that a legal action should be brought in a court that is in a logical location, one that is convenient and fair to the defendants or reasonable based on where the events creating the harm arose. Unfortunately, the other venues in our life are not always so logical and convenient. Throughout your career, you’ll find yourself in many different places—on teleconferences, in court, at your office, to name just a few—each one with its own unique circumstances over which you have varying degrees of control. To be a successful lawyer, you’ll need to know how to operate effectively in every environment. This begins with preparation and listening skills, but there are other aspects of the many spaces a lawyer occupies that can range from terrifying to sleep inducing. With consideration, creativity, and some advice, which members of the TYL editorial board offer here, you can not only survive, but also flourish, in these environments.

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