January 01, 2018

Netflix, Wine, and Chill

Dave Morrow

I love those silly memes that compare life in your twenties to life in your thirties. The twenties are usually filled with moments of “Turn-Up or Turnt,” “YOLO,” and drama-filled social lives. Whereas your thirties most likely include a book club, an occasional wine tasting, and the very important Netflix-binge weekends. The latter is by far my personal favorite, mainly because it is the cheapest and most self-indulgent. There is something to be said about curling up in a snuggie with a glass of wine, a significant other, or just your lonesome self to watch the latest commercial-free Netflix creation. Right now, I am watching the second season of Stranger Things with a very good 2014, Sonoma, California, cabernet sauvignon.

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