September 01, 2014

Networking and Committing Fraud

Syeda F. Davidson

I am a small, South Asian woman named Syeda. My best friend is a tall, white man with a beard, whom, for purposes of this story, we will call Larry. Larry and I both graduated during that all-too-recent time when it was incredibly difficult to get a legal job. As a result, we threw our efforts into networking. We tag-teamed every event hosted by the new lawyers’ committee (NLC) of our county bar. We called it “shaking hands and kissing babies.” Through our efforts, we ended up among the leadership in the NLC.

Larry ended up landing a great job that was going to take him out of state. As a result, he resigned from his leadership position with the NLC. However, there was one more event slated to occur before Larry’s resignation would be effective. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.

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