For the Accidental Networker: Welcome the Unexpected Connections

Keith R. Lee

Recently I attended a panel unrelated to law. I went because I knew one of the panel’s organizers, and I like to support my friends. I sat in the front row because I’m that type of guy. Near the end, the panelists shifted to Q&A from the audience. During this time, legal topics came up, and the panelists were unsure of how to answer. My friend, the organizer, went to the microphone and said “that guy right there is a lawyer; I think he has experience on those issues.”

So I stood up and addressed the question. I answered two to three more questions as the Q&A went on. After the session ended, about a dozen people from the audience came up to me asking questions, wanting my card. Not anticipating the need for cards, I ran out after the first few people.

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