Generational Divides

Margo Brownell, Vaishali Rao, and Kyle Evans Gay
generational divides; arm wrestling

generational divides; arm wrestling

Why did you go to law school?

Kyle Gay (KG): I went to law school because I believed that a law degree would provide me with excellent training for many potential careers. Mentors told me that in law school I would learn how to think differently and creatively about problem-solving. I believed that these and other skills would be broadly applicable in many fields and would empower me to be creative in crafting my own unique career path either inside or outside the practice of law.

Margo Brownell (MB): I had been a journalist for several years prior to going to law school, and while I enjoyed that career, I knew my calling was to be an advocate rather than a journalist. I wanted to learn the skills that would enable me to help people and businesses navigate legal complexities and obtain just results, and I was drawn to the intellectual challenge of law school and the legal profession.

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