Lawyer+Tech: Tomorrow’s Bespoke Lawyer

J.B. Ruhl
Tomorrow’s bespoke lawyer will be a lawyer+tech lawyer.

Tomorrow’s bespoke lawyer will be a lawyer+tech lawyer.


The Post-Normal Times is a column that follows trends in the legal industry, legal technologies, legal innovation, and access to legal services and offers insights into how new lawyers can turn them from agents of change into agents of opportunity. 

My last column examined the potentially disruptive effects of law+tech—the use in legal practice of rapidly advancing data, computation, and machine learning technologies that together are forging the impressive progress of artificial intelligence (AI). AI technologies are nowhere near replacing the abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills of the “bespoke lawyer,” but they will certainly change how lawyers deliver those services. Indeed, over time it may very well be that a lawyer’s ability to tap into the power of law+tech—to go lawyer+tech—will be what sorts the best lawyers from the rest of the pack.

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