The GDPR: Why American Universities and Students Need to Care

Selena E. Molina

Gian Franco Borio is an attorney at law (former CPA) at Studio Legale Tributario Internazionale Borio in Florence, Italy.

With increases in technology, the world continues to feel smaller, more connected. With this connection comes a greater sense of global community and increased ability to reach across borders to our brethren who may speak, think, and live much differently than ourselves but with whom we find common ground. But, with this interconnection comes risk. Risk that in crossing borders and making these connections, we are opening a door to the unknown: unknown rules, laws, regulations of our sister communities. Risk that this lack of knowledge, no matter how innocent, can lead to serious consequences. The GDPR is one such risk facing any cross-border activities involving the European Union or its residents. This is a risk that American universities and their students cannot afford to ignore.

To understand this risk (and the GDPR in general), TYL went straight to the source. Gian Franco Borio is an attorney in Florence, Italy. He is not only well versed in the GDPR and its international effects but has also placed a focus on how the GDPR may impact American universities and its students. His illuminating interview (from the basics all the way through practical tips) follows.

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