Volume 1, Issue 6

TYL In Focus: Writing

tyl in focus: writing

tyl in focus: writing

Writing is a requirement of many trades—one that is, in many fields, inescapable. This is particularly true for lawyers. Never before have practitioners needed to put pen to paper (hands to keyboard?) more often and in more diverse ways to aid their clients and advance their own careers. In this issue of TYL In Focus, we take a broad look at the writing skills today’s lawyer needs and draw rare insight from some of the sharpest minds in the profession—including Bryan Garner, who reveals the ways in which the writing of others improves our own compositions; Duke Professor George Gopen, who provides insight into how to control, through writing, the perceptions others have of our clients’ stories; and Judge Richard Posner, who instructs us in the drafting of effective appellate briefs. This in-depth guide is an invaluable resource for new and experienced attorneys and is available for free to members of the ABA. (Published August 2014, copyright American Bar Association.)