Volume 5, Issue 4

TYL In Focus: Technology Matters

tyl in focus: technology matters

tyl in focus: technology matters

Technology is evolving faster than our ability to adapt. The legal field has been notoriously slow to make use of basic technology. Many courts only recently adopted electronic filing systems. And we don’t simply need to use technology; we need to understand it intimately so that we are the experts in disputes involving tech. If there is a void in lawyers who can adequately handle these disputes, rest assured that the market will create a replacement on its own. We need to be comfortable using tech in the ways that our future clients will. This issue of TYL In Focus examines technology and the law, from blockchain to artificial intelligence. We look at forensics and electronic discovery, as well as the ways technology can improve your work-life balance. This issue of TYL In Focus is another great addition to your digital library. (TYL In Focus: Technology Matters, Volume 5 Issue 4, Published April 2018, copyright American Bar Association.)

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