TYL In Focus: Solo and Small Firm

tyl in focus: solo and small firm

tyl in focus: solo and small firm

The path of the solo and small firm practitioner is filled with excitement and opportunity, and—let’s face it—uncertainty. Those who start their own firms have the freedom to define many aspects of their practice, but they also must bear most, if not all, of the burden in setting up and developing a new business. The good news is there is much the rest of us can learn from the challenges and opportunities solo attorneys and small firms face. With this installment, we provide a blueprint for launching your own law practice—from choice of entity and essential technology to branding your firm in the digital age. We even provide information about how to find the right kind of mentor and consider the reality of the work-life balance. A helpful resource for new and experienced attorneys, this edition is available free to ABA members for download in a variety of formats. (Published March 2015, copyright American Bar Association.)

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