Volume 2, Issue 4

TYL In Focus: Poplaw

tyl in focus: poplaw

tyl in focus: poplaw

Popular culture and the law are ready for their close up. The dynamics of the relationship between the two—from how the legal system, lawyers, and judges are portrayed in books, film, and television to celebrity brushes with the law—are a source of endless fascination for many of us. In fact, it’s even possible to find new meaning in our legal system when we look at it through the lens of popular culture. In this edition of In Focus, we examine several high-profile cases involving artists, celebrities, movie studios, and streaming services. We also explore how to best use storytelling in one’s everyday practice and survey the landscape of intellectual property law as it applies to superheroes. This entertaining edition is available to current ABA members. (Published February 2015, copyright American Bar Association.)

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