Volume 4, Issue 3

TYL In Focus: Mentoring

tyl in focus: mentoring

tyl in focus: mentoring

Mentoring is a partnership—someone with more experience (mentor) supports someone with less experience (mentee). It is a long-term relationship where the mentor assists in the growth and development of the mentee and is a source of insight and guidance, but is not the mentee’s manager. This edition of TYL In Focus discusses mentoring—a vital stepping-stone to a successful career for every new lawyer. This issue contains an interview with ABA President Linda Klein about the importance of mentoring. Authors Lori Keating and Amy Timmer delve into what mentoring may look like in the future. And there are countless tips on how to be a good mentee and get the most out of the mentoring experience as well as advice on how to be a good mentor. You never know when a law student may come knocking in search of mentorship. Available in a variety of handy formats, this latest edition of TYL In Focus is another great addition to add to your digital library. (Published February 2017, copyright American Bar Association.)