Volume 2, Issue 2

TYL In Focus: Litigation

tyl in focus: litigation

tyl in focus: litigation

The court system and the litigation process are core elements in the practice of law. Indeed many of us are inspired to practice law by the theater and dynamics of the courtroom. At some point in our careers, many of us will be entrusted—or, perhaps for some, saddled—with the work of presenting a case in front of a judge and/or jury. On the docket for this issue is a look at several critical facets of litigation, including a couple that new lawyers are often assigned to. In this issue, you can read about case preparation, how to take a deposition and develop an opening statement. You can also read about how mediation plays a role in the litigation process. We've even included a couple of pieces that speak to a litigator's mindset—one from a judge, another from noteworthy legal instructor James McElhaney. This digital download is available for free to TYL readers and ABA members. (Published January 2015, copyright American Bar Association.)

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