Volume 2, Issue 6

TYL In Focus: In-House Counsel

tyl in focus: in-house counsel

tyl in focus: in-house counsel

Many a lawyer has, for many reasons, contemplated what it would be like to make the move to in-house counsel. For firm lawyers, it can sometimes seem like a cushy spot with reasonable hours and good pay. For others, it might present an opportunity for greater pay. But what does the bigger picture really look like? And what does it take to make a move in-house? With this issue, we go in-depth to look at what it takes to make the leap and what the work entails—including the career paths available to corporate counsel; fee arrangements; how to talk to the media; working with clients; and much more. This issue guides those considering making a move, the lawyers who are in the process of moving, and those who are just starting out in the world of corporate counsel. A helpful resource for new and experienced attorneys, this edition is available free to ABA members for download in a variety of formats. (Published April 2015, copyright American Bar Association.)