Volume 5, Issue 1

TYL In Focus: Immigration Law

tyl in focus: immigration law

tyl in focus: immigration law

Immigrants need access to quality, affordable legal services. There is no constitutional right to a government-appointed attorney in immigration court, even though immigrants face a federal prosecutor in adversarial proceedings and losing means deportation. More than 60 percent of immigrants, including children, appear unrepresented and are two to five times more likely to lose their case without a lawyer. In this issue of TYL In Focus, we examine issues related to immigration, such as the travel ban and DACA. We cover immigration scams—the US immigration system is extremely attractive to scammers because it is largely inaccessible without legal representation. Another article lays out the issue of whether foreign national trafficking victims will continue to receive protection and immigration relief under the current administration.

This issue of TYL In Focus also covers your client’s rights, pro bono opportunities, and one man shares his story of going from undocumented immigrant to earning a law degree and owning his own law firm. This latest issue of TYL In Focus is another great addition to your digital library. (TYL In Focus: Immigration Law, Volume 5 Issue 1, Published October 2017, copyright American Bar Association.)

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