TYL In Focus: Higher Education Law

higher education law

higher education law

Higher education practice exists at the intersection of the law and life on campus. The legal issues facing colleges and universities are more challenging than ever, extending to every corner of campus life with increasing complexity. Higher education attorneys typically practice in one of two ways: either as in-house general counsel at a college or university or at an outside firm where college and university clients retain representation to assist with a myriad of legal issues. In this special issue on higher education law, we have articles detailing what someone in higher education law faces day-to-day on the job, immigration and higher education, Title IX, and the GDPR. We also get into compliance risks and the history of on-campus protests. 

This edition of TYL In Focus is without a doubt a great complement to your digital library. (TYL In Focus: Higher Education Law, Volume 6, Issue 2. Published November 2018, copyright American Bar Association.)

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