Volume 2, Issue 8

TYL In Focus: Health Law

tyl in focus: health law

tyl in focus: health law

Health law—a large, complex, and ever-changing area of practice—holds great professional potential for new and experienced lawyers. With this e-book, we take a closer look at ways to start a successful health law career, investigate lesser-known aspects of the Affordable Care Act, demystify the Health Information and Portability and Accountability Act, and survey the subtleties of the laws surrounding medicinal and recreational marijuana. This special edition also covers mental health “patient dumping,” the Anti-Kickback Statute, and the three-headed monster of healthcare fraud enforcement (a particularly unruly beast for the uninitiated). We’ve also included a handy guide to additional resources, publications, and membership opportunities for lawyers with an interest in health law. Available in a variety of handy formats, this latest edition of TYL In Focus is another great addition to add to your digital library. (Published August 2015, copyright American Bar Association.)

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