Volume 3, Issue 2

TYL In Focus: Environmental Law

tyl in focus: environmental law

tyl in focus: environmental law

Most lawyers will come across environmental law issues at some point in their practice. Consequently, this edition of TYL In Focus delves into this practice area—an expansive field that has considerable interplay with many different disciplines and niches, as author Ashley Harvey notes in her contribution. For this entry in the series, we survey the litigation of environmental issues outside of conventional environmental law, increased renewable energy development and reducing carbon emissions, clean water and sanitation, global environmental law practice, and much more (not to mention, a look at recent rulings that affect rules and policies and—surprise, surprise!—whether or not you may be already practicing environmental law). Available in a variety of handy formats, this latest edition of TYL In Focus is another great addition to add to your digital library. (Published October 2015, copyright American Bar Association.)