Volume 2, Issue 9

TYL In Focus: Dispute Resolution

tyl in focus: dispute resolution

tyl in focus: dispute resolution

As the amount of litigation has dwindled over the years, the popularity of alternative dispute resolution has exploded—so much so that it should be an essential part of any lawyer’s arsenal of skills—which is why this edition of TYL In Focus takes a close look at this aspect of the practice of law. This e-book surveys the use of deep listening in ADR and elsewhere in practice, looks into a crystal ball to predict the future of conflict resolution, examines the ethics and new rules of ADR, provides tips for mediating like a pro, and shines a light on how technology is being used for online divorce mediation. An essential addition to any new or experienced lawyer’s digital library, this edition of TYL In Focus is available to current ABA members. (Published September 2015, copyright American Bar Association.)