Volume 4, Issue 2

TYL In Focus: Cybersecurity

tyl in focus: cybersecurity

tyl in focus: cybersecurity

It is no secret that large corporations are under constant threat of cyber attacks. They house personal and corporate data worth millions of dollars that hackers can sell and use themselves for nefarious ends, including for theft of identity and financial assets. Law firms are no less vulnerable to cyber attacks. This edition of TYL In Focus discusses cybersecurity. This special issue offers information on privacy law, insurance coverage for cyber-related risks, tips for good cyber hygiene, a how-to on protecting small businesses and law firms from cyber attacks, data security provisions, and much more. We also included a cautionary tale from someone who was a victim of ransomware. Available in a variety of handy formats, this latest edition of TYL In Focus is another great addition to add to your digital library. (Published December 2016, copyright American Bar Association.)

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