How to Be a Successful Tech Lawyer (Even If You’re Young. And a Woman.)


How to Be a Successful Tech Lawyer (Even If You’re Young. And a Woman.)

You are ascending to greatness, and the climb can be lonely.

Hint: it's not all dry martinis, Cuban cigars, fancy cars, and movie premiers.

Lessons learned during a recent six-month job hunt.

For those who jump into a small or nonexistent in-house department as a young lawyer, take note: it represents an ice-bucket shift.

Lawyers must distinguish themselves from the competition in order to claim a bigger piece of the pie.

I never envisioned a life in uniform. I wanted to be a lawyer.

Being an attorney and a military spouse should not be mutually exclusive.

There are many resources available to lawyers representing a military client.

Witness the prosecution of some of the most significant criminal trials in the world.

Are you obligated to defend the US Constitution when no one is paying you to do so?

To see a greater impact nationwide, attorneys must be actively involved.

Attorneys can work to ensure that dress codes comply with respective state and federal law.

Working with someone who has low EI can be daunting, but here’s a strategy to consider.

The lawyer bully yells, interrupts, belittles, harasses, and often strikes when no judge is present to step in.

Many states prosecute minors engaged in sexting under general child pornography statutes.

Our freedom has to be reclaimed by each generation from forces that benefit from coerced silence.

If I was a newly minted lawyer hoping to build a criminal defense practice, I would start by including regular court coverage as part of my short-term business plan.

Some tips to help you give yourself the best chance of success.


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