Loose Lips Sink Ships: Keeping Clients’ Confidences Outside of Work


Loose Lips Sink Ships: Keeping Clients’ Confidences Outside of Work

Speaking too loudly in a public place about sensitive information is no longer the only misstep lawyers need to be wary of.

Lawyer Assistance Programs have made inroads in convincing attorneys that there is no shame in seeking help for mental illnesses.

Like the decision to start a family, the decision not to start a family is an equally serious one.

What will work financially for your family?

Are you feeling run down, depressed, or forgetful? Do you have high blood pressure? Lack of sleep could be to blame.

Add experience to your resume and become more confident and passionate about the practice of law.

When a natural disaster strikes, survivors look to us to help them navigate the flood of applications, processes, paperwork, and resources that take over their lives.

Thousands of unaccompanied children arrive in the United States, fleeing gang violence, poverty, and abuse.

Are you obligated to defend the US Constitution when no one is paying you to do so?

What happened to the legal profession in the Great Recession should never be forgotten.

To see a greater impact nationwide, attorneys must be actively involved.

When the history of the gay rights movement is written, the cultural change in the legal profession will be cited as a major factor that allowed the movement to succeed.

Lawyers can expose and help challenge the harms that flow from federal immigration policy.

The US immigration system is attractive to scammers because it is largely inaccessible without legal representation.

Until the TVPRA is reauthorized, critical anti-trafficking funding, programs, education, and appropriations are in jeopardy.

A mentor can teach you what law schools don't.

5 attorneys describe major mishaps that they turned into learning opportunities.

By prioritizing your relationships and your own emotional well-being, you will be better able to “have it all.”

This will be much better than whatever you wanted to be as a child.


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