Disaster Legal Services May Be Needed in Your Backyard. Here’s How You Can Help.

Giving Back

Disaster Legal Services May Be Needed in Your Backyard. Here’s How You Can Help.

The YLD DLS program responds to the unmet legal needs that arise after disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The path to partnership is like Dorothy's journey to the Emerald City—long and arduous, often curious, and always challenging.

Here are some tips to help you decide, no matter the size, scope, or focus of your firm.

Four partners share their experiences and challenges in transitioning from associate to partner.

When the history of the gay rights movement is written, the cultural change in the legal profession will be cited as a major factor that allowed the movement to succeed.

To see a greater impact nationwide, attorneys must be actively involved.

Diversity on the bench is intimately linked to the American promise to provide equal justice for all.

Despite the illusion of progress, the civil rights movement is nowhere near complete.

Community allies are critical.

Blockchain is a ledgering system that--with no central banker and no real prospect of hacking--builds trust by not requiring trust.

Regular hacks and threats of cyberwars and identity theft have made data privacy one of the most active legal fields.

Protecting your clients' data is at the center of good representation.

The opportunities are infinite, yet so are the potential pitfalls.

You should never rely solely on sample fee agreements or provisions borrowed from others.

Not much room for error with this hypothetical. To make matters worse, it's a predicament many of us will face sometime in our professional lives.

Don’t tell yourself that you are too busy right now to invest in burnout prevention. You’ll always be busy.

Research indicates that attorneys fear being stigmatized by needing help, and they fear that their privacy will not be protected.

If you need to make a move when the market isn’t exactly booming, there are options to help you swing the pendulum back in your favor.

Nobody is going to hand you a job—you have to be proactive.

Numerous opportunities exist for employment with the federal courts outside an Article III judge’s chambers.

10 tips to help you change how you are perceived in your organization.


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