Is it Time for Apple?

With the announcement of Hewlett Packard exploring to separate and sell its PC division, it shocked the stock market and shook the computer retail market to its core.  HP has been known as the number one manufacturer of PCs in the world.  Now it is reduced to placing its productson clearance, beginning at $99.00,itswebOS devices, such as its HP TouchPad. 

Hearing HP’s change gave me the push to begin switching to Apple products.  In Minneapolis, Minnesota—where I am located—Apple established one of the first business briefing rooms in the world.  In the business briefing room, classes are held, free of charge, to any business owner, to learn how to implement and get the best use out of Apple products, at no cost.Another benefit is that it provides a good opportunityfor business owners to network with each other.

One downside with Apple products is that they generally come with a larger price tag.  Nonetheless, the cost certainly does outweigh the benefits.  Coming from a "non-techie," such as myself, the most value that I found was the training and support that comes with owning Apple products.  Besides from free business classes, Apple has “One-to-One” sessions beginning at 7:00 a.m. until the close of normal retail hours.  The “One-to-One” sessions gives me the individually tailored attention andhands-on training that I need—even with non-Apple devices.  For example, one Saturday, I brought in my portable scanner and my Apple trainer set-up my scanner to my laptop.  Then, the next evening, I proceeded to get all of my e-mails running on my iphone, ipad, and laptop, then, synced all three devices with each other.  With Apple, I have my own information technology staff on hand who teaches me how to avoid underutilize my devices and it will make sure my devices work with each other. 

In a recent motion hearing, I was able to utilize multipleipads and anipod touch.  This permitted me to use technology in a courtroom where none was made available.  Most importantly, it gave me a competitive advantage through the ability to control the time allotted to me at the hearing, highlight the main points of my case using flash animation, and at an instant compare the current law to the facts of my case. 

In addition, if I have a business related inquiry, I can call any retail store and connect to a business staffer where I can inquire about any business related software and/or application from which software to use for billing management on my laptop that will sync to my iphone, to suggestions for applications in showing exhibits at trial on my ipad.And of course, the ease of having the law scanned onto my library on my ipad, and using it to assist in a motion hearing or trial. It certainly beats having to lug around heavy books. 

In the end, the use of Apple lets a young lawyer like myself have some peace of mind.  Apples helps me spend more time learning the law, getting to know my client’s needs, and networking.   Plus, I am able to stay connected to my clients, opposing counsel, and the court by being able to respond to e-mails, pull-up attachments, and view them in the same format as on any laptop or computer.  With the complex practice of law,utilizing time to figure out technology, now, is the last thing on my mind, even though it plays a big role in being more efficient and helping me stay organized. 


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