Lawyers as Side Hustlers

How Problem-Solving and Purpose Can Lead to Entrepreneurship

Shontavia Johnson
Finding your “why” outside of money is imperative.

Finding your “why” outside of money is imperative.

urbazon/E+ via GettyImages

Driving into my office’s parking garage, I could feel the hot tears welling up in my eyes. After 18 months, it was painfully clear that my Big Law firm and I were not a good match. For months prior, I dreaded walking into the office, and the tears I felt that day were not uncommon. I did not realize it then, but it would be only a few weeks until I handed in my letter of resignation. Shortly thereafter, I traveled to South Africa for a few months before beginning a two-year teaching fellowship in New Orleans. This career pivot came with a nearly $100,000 pay cut, required me to move more than 600 miles, and doubled my living expenses. While my mental health and general happiness improved, my financial situation was shaky. Creating a side hustle was the logical next step.

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