YLD Advocacy Toolkit

About This Toolkit

This toolkit is focused on empowering you and your local affiliate to advocate for a cause that your group believes in. The toolkit is designed as a general tool to help engage your members to advocate for issues pending before state or local legislative bodies. It has everything that your group will need to organize, advocate, and make sure your voice is heard.

Democracy is fundamentally about public participation and giving people a voice. However, too often people don’t utilize their voice because there are barriers and obstacles in their way - obstacles that are easy to overcome with a little guidance and encouragement. A Seat at The Table aims to demolish these obstacles and empower Young Lawyers to get engaged in their communities.

Planning Your Advocacy & Organizing

Lookup Your Legislator

Tips for Effective Advocacy

Setting Up A Meeting With Your Legislator

Conducting An Advocacy Meeting & Following Up

Amplifying Your Message & Continuing Your Advocacy

Sample Advocacy Letters