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NationBuilder Webinars

Learn how to run for office

Deciding to run for something is a big step, but knowing how to launch a campaign is equally as important. Whether you're considering running for your local school board, or interested in a future presidential race, this webinar series will equip you with the tools you need to step up and lead.

How to run for office

In 60 minutes, you'll learn how to find the offices for which you're eligible to run, launch a campaign site, and begin mobilizing your constituents.

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How to create a vote-by-mail plan for your campaign in a digital era

Before COVID-19, absentee ballot programs were often put on the backburner of a campaign strategy, but this can no longer be the case. This webinar will equip you to run a vote by mail program to ensure all of your supporters can vote come Election Day.

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Fundraising for my political campaign

Fundraising is about real relationships, and its true power is the possibility of real (and deeper) community. When you make the decision to Run For Office you need to be prepared to fundraise for your campaign.

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Become an Elected Leader

We want you (to run for office)!

Have you ever thought about running for office, or know someone who should? The YLD has partnered with Run for Office to help launch your campaign! Search for positions up for election, and get your name on the ballot.

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Webinars and Articles

Engaging the Polls through Voting and Volunteerism

Millennials—sometimes fairly and other times unfairly—are generally characterized as being part of an apathetic generation. In recent years, millennials (born 1981–1996) appear uninterested in voting, whether it is showing up to participate in a local or national election. Although millennials make up a sizable portion of the electorate, questions persist as to if they will show up to the polls.

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Shaping Government and the Judiciary

Ever consider impacting your local or state government without running for elected office? Appointment to a board or commission, or pursuing a judgeship, may be right for you. Learn how appointees play a vital advisory, regulatory, and policy-making role and get advice on how to navigate the appointment process.

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Serve on a nonprofit board

Non-profit boards can be a great way to get more involved in the local community and contribute to a cause that is personally meaningful. This program will provide tips for lawyers considering joining a nonprofit board, as well as provide some practical and ethical considerations for the lawyer who has been asked to provide legal advice.

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Why Stand for Something When You Can Run?

We are in the middle of a wave that is overtaking American politics—a wave of young people who have set out to be the change they seek.

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Supporting Veterans

Veterans Day is a time to honor those who have served in the armed forces. In this webinar replay, our distinguished panel discusses how you can help veterans with pro bono, public service, and advocacy efforts.

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