About the GOOD Guys Project

Progress in gender diversity in the legal profession has stalled over the last decade. In 2015, the National Association of Women Lawyers issued a failing grade to the legal community, noting that “[f]irms have made no appreciable progress... [as]women still comprise only approximately 18 percent of equity partnership”; the picture is even bleaker for minorities, as women of color make up only 8 percent (or 1 in 25) of equity partners.

The GOOD Guys Program was born out of a desire to take the message to the masses and engage all attorneys – men and women alike – to be one of the “GOOD Guys” in the fight for gender equity. “GOOD” stands for “Guys Overcoming Obstacles to Diversity,” and “GOOD Guys” include all people who are dedicated to seeing these efforts succeed.

The YLD has made an active effort to champion gender equality in the workplace in all forms. In 2019, the Division officially launched a partnership with the NCWBA and its GOOD Guys Program to ensure that young male lawyers were more involved in advocating for their female peers. Through this collaboration, the YLD will provide resources, trainings, and facilitate nationwide discussions on how young lawyers can serve as leaders in this important work.

The practice of law is ever evolving and so too are programs that discuss diversity concerns. This Toolkit helps young attorneys begin the conversation for gender equity in the legal profession at their workplace or in their hometown. The Toolkit contains everything your organization needs to replicate a successful GOOD Guys Event in your area:

  • Programming Guide – This guide outlines the most important considerations for planning a successful event.
  • Potential Panel/Speaker Questions – These questions can be used in guiding a moderated panel presentation or a prompted question-and-answer session. 
  • Resource List – This list of resources gathers a ton of information provided by those already working for diversity in the legal industry and workplace.
  • Monday Morning To-Do List – This list will help attendees hit the ground running when they return to the office the Monday morning after the event.

Thank you for your interest in the GOOD Guys Project and your passion to creating a safer, more equal legal environment.

This information was originally published by the National Council of Women's Bar Associations as part of its GOOD Guys Program website.