Who are the GOOD Guys?

The GOOD Guys Program was born out of a desire to take the message to the masses and engage all attorneys—men and women alike—to be one of the “GOOD Guys” in the fight for gender equity. “GOOD” stands for “Guys Overcoming Obstacles to Diversity,” and “GOOD Guys” include all people who are dedicated to seeing these efforts succeed.

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Programming Guide

If you’d like to host a GOOD Guys event, here’s what we found works.

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Panel Presentation Questions

These questions are useful at a GOOD Guys Event in guiding the participants’ discussion during a moderated panel presentation, or even for prompting a question and answer session following a speaker presentation.

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Monday Morning To-Do List

The most important part of the GOOD guys program are the tangible tools you can use to make positive change. Use this worksheet to assess your office environment.

Event - Worksheet


There are a lot of resources to learn more about bias, equality, inclusivity. Choose some that look interesting to you. Circulate this in your office, keep it close by, and use it as a reference when you have questions.

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