Haiku Contest for Law Students

The Haiku Contest
Is sadly discontinued.
Thanks to all who played!

2018-2019 Winners

Grand Prize: Alexis Wilt, Florida State University College of Law
Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision: Carpenter v. United States
When the hotline bling
Tracking it requires one thing
Show me the warrant

Stephanie Ramos, California Western School of Law
Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision: Sessions v. Dimaya
Immigrants detained
years and life have slowly passed
Hear no freedom song

Britaney Guzman-Bailey, Western New England University School of Law
Sugar, Butter, Hate:
Regardless of who we date,&
Don't we all want cake?

2017-2018 Winners

Grand Prize Winner:
Meaghan Hess, Gonzaga Law school
Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project

Her torch welcomed all
Send her your tired and your poor
But not anymore.


Alibek Rakhimov, Fredric G. Levin College of Law, University of Florida
Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project

Can he ban them all?
Only if they have no ties.
Is that smart at all?

Ayelen Rodriguez, Fordham University School of Law
Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District

Do not dismiss me
one size fits all will not fly
teach me, I will try.


2016-2017 Winners

Mary Clayton, Wake Forest University School of Law - Grand Prize Winner

Birchfield v. North Dakota
If you're driving drunk  
and you get caught by a cop       
breath's fair game, blood's not      

Peter Larsen, Drake Law School -  Runner-Up

Obergefell v. Hodges
Obergefell showed,      
Just as the Lovings before,      
Love will always win.

Memme Onwudiwe, Harvard Law School - Runner-Up

King v. Burwell
Obamacare saved        
such Jiggery-pokery     
Are only states states?

2014-2015 Winners

Sarah Wheeler, Hofstra Law School - Grand Prize Winner

Riley v. California
You wanna' read this?   
You betta' get a warrant,
I wrote this by cell.

Jennifer Greene, Emory University School of Law - Runner-Up

Riley v. California
Passcode? Fingerprint?            
Excuse me kind officer,             
but where's your warrant?

Lenore Montanaro, Western New England University School of Law - Runner-up

Burwell v. Hobby Lobby    
No contraception          
for Hobby Lobby workers--       
"Holey" Corp'rate Veil!

2013-2014 Winners

Melissa Hernandez, DePaul University College of Law – Grand Prize Winner

The Healthcare Act stands!
But The Commerce Clause just shrank...
Roberts sleight of hand?

Kevin S. Elliker, William & Mary Law School – Runner-Up

On the term's last day,
all eyes affixed for marriage. 
The Hobbs Act... wait, what?

Jessica Watsky, University of Connecticut School of Law – Runner-Up

Thank you, Ms. Windsor!
Now I can leave my partner
All my student loans.