YLD 2021 - A Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The Young Lawyers Division is committed to enhancing the professional and personal development of new lawyers through educational, leadership, networking, advocacy and public service opportunities, with a dedication to diversity and inclusion in all of its efforts. 

Our Vision

A diverse, inclusive and service-oriented profession in which young lawyers and young lawyer organizations are equipped for professional and individual success.

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Increase the Division’s Impact on the Profession and Society 

  • Create meeting and online Content that is relevant for young lawyers, drives home value of membership 
  • Multi-Year Member Service Projects and Public Service Projects that involve the committees and teams and get adopted by ABA entities 
  • Leverage technology to its fullest potential to reach out to members 


Create the Profession’s Future Leaders 

  • Continue to support Goal III entities to ensure ABA reflects profession 
  • Foster Effective and Meaningful Connection for Young Lawyer Organizations and their leaders 
  • Create homes for Affiliate Leaders, Scholars, Subject Matter Leaders, and Other Leaders in the ABA 


Effectively Connect Stakeholders to Decision Makers 

  • Have an Assembly that advocates for access to justice issues and professional development needs of young lawyers while increasing involvement in broader ABA policy creation 
  • Educate the ABA on Diversity in the Profession 
  • Engage Affiliated Organizations through improved communications 

Public Comment

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