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Online programming is an important element of YLD’s offer and benefit to the membership. Whether we’re providing CLE, career tools, or topical programming, online programming is one of our most effective means of sharing information and programming to the broadest audience.

We’ve discovered major limitations in scheduling as our online programming has grown, to the detriment of attendees and presenters alike. To improve the experience for attendees, presenters, and to incorporate YLD online programming into a broader content marketing strategy, we’ve introduced a new, centrally coordinated online programming request system.

Once requests are submitted through the request form, each request will be segmented into one of two online programming product types depending on the type and scale of the program.

Webinars & Videoconferences

To better serve the audiences and presenters alike, we've introduced segmentation into YLD online programming. We now offer two different types of programming, depending on presenter needs, scale, and other bespoke factors. Below are a few of the higher level differentiators considered when setting up programming:


  • Facilitated through the GoToWebinar platform; with the exception of CLEs, which are facilitated through BeaconLive
  • Farther-reaching topics, or topics specific to the 0-2 years in practice young lawyer audiences
  • CLE​ programming, where requested
  • Advanced slide decks or presentations
    (CLEs in particular require substantive hand-outs.)​
  • Planning / rehearsal sessions in advance of the actual event
    (Depending on the topic and complexity of the presentation, faculty may be asked to plan for two such sessions.)


  • Facilitated through the Zoom platform
  • Presentations on specialized topics​
  • Team trainings​
  • Committee meetings​
  • YLD leadership trainings​
  • Planning sessions​
  • Slides are not required for videoconferences, but are supported if the presenter wants to share a deck as part of the event

Submit Proposals

Proposals are asked to be submitted 12 weeks before a suggested event date, in order to accommodate for proper setup, planning, faculty tech checks, CLE applications (if required), and marketing of the event. 
Note: For members specifically proposing a videoconference, those proposals can be submitted 6 weeks before a suggested event date.

For any questions or clarifications, please reach out to Tracy Kaempf, YLD Product Development Manager, at any time.

You can submit your requests via the Propose a Webinar/Videoconference form.


Co-sponsorships are fantastic opportunities for online programming as well. You can find to the application and specifications on the Co-Sponsorship page.